India: Clinton's Corporate Entourage

SAN FRANCISCO -- Violence in Kashmir and nuclear proliferation are dominating
the mainstream headlines on President Clinton's trip to South Asia. And
while security issues are clearly on the agenda in Clinton's meetings with
Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, the press is ignoring an
equally significant part of the trip: trade. Traveling along with the
Clinton family and US officials is a large corporate contingent. Behind the
scenes of the first official state visit to India by a US president in 22
years, more than 50 US corporate executives are meeting with Indian
officials and business representatives. The goal of these CEO's and other
executives is to gain more access to Indian markets.

The Washington, D.C. based US-India Business Council (USIBC) is hosting
many of the events for the corporate delegates in India. The USIBC's Board of
Directors includes Frank Wisner, former Ambassador to India, currently
representing the American International Group Inc. (AIG), one of the largest
insurance companies in the US. Also on the Council's board is Joseph W.
Sutton of Enron, a Houston-based natural gas giant whose power projects in
India have come under attack from environmental and community groups.
Others on the board include Peter Howell of banking conglomerate Citigroup,
Dinesh Keskar of Boeing India, Boyd Montgomery of UNOCAL and Charles Saris
of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

The large corporate delegation accompanying Clinton includes former
ambassador to India Frank Wisner, Lou Gestner, IBM's Chairman, Arun
Netraveli, President of Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies, John Smith,
CEO of General Motors, Kenneth Lay, Chairman and CEO of Enron and General
Electric's CEO, John Welch.

Many US corporations have increasingly come under fire from Indian
activists, whose concerns range from human rights to the environment.
Last year, Enron, the single largest foreign investor in India, was
implicated in human rights violations in India by a Human Rights Watch report. A lawsuit was recently filed against Union Carbide by victims of one of the
worst industrial disasters in history fifteen years ago in Bhopal, India.
Warren M. Anderson, chairman of the Union Carbide Corporation during
the 1984 Bhopal chemical disaster has apparently gone into hiding to avoid a
summons to appear in a Manhattan federal court as part of civil proceedings
against him and the company.

The following is a list of participants attending events hosted by the
US-India Business Council during the Clinton visit, and includes corporate
executives from both India and the US.

Anil Srivastava, CEO and President, AcrossWorld Communication

Anat Bernstein-Reich, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
AcrossWorld Communications

Kailash Kapur, President, India Operations Adaptive Broadband

Ashok Bhatt Kumar, President & Commissioner, AIMS Inc./Resource Soft Tech Inc./Public Utilities Comm.

Sunil Mehta, Country Head, India American International Group

Frank Wisner, Vice Chairman, External Affairs American International Group, Inc.

Jon Arthur Sherk, Chief Counsel, Amway Corporation

Shashanka Sharma, Deputy Geeral Manager, Amway India Enterprises

Sudershan Banerjee, Managing Director and CEO, Amway India Enterprises

Rajiv Maliwal, Director & Head, Corporate & Investment Banking Anz Banking Group Ltd.

Dr. P.B. Ram Reddy, President, Apex Technologies, Inc.

Mohan Shah, Chairman, Appletree Group

Arun Bhumitra, CEO, Arjay.Net

Nirmal Sinha, President, Asian Indian American Business Group

Vinayak Mahajan, Managing Director, Asian Gas Ventures Limited

Virat Bhatia, Managing Director, AT&T India Ltd.

N. Anthony Wakim, International Export Sales Manager, Athey Products Corp

Arun Duggal, Bank of America

Paul Prager, President, BBI Power Corporation

Swadesh Chatterjee, President, Brandt Instruments, Inc.

Amrit Kiran Singh, Vice President & area Director-South Asia, Brown-Forman Worldwide L.L.C.

Murray Jans, Executive Director, Canada-India Business Council

Donald Conover, President, CBay Systems

V.Raman Kumar, Chairman, CBay Systems

Hitesh Shah, Sr Director, Product Marketing, Centigram Communications Corp.

Brant Free, Sr VP The Chubb Corporation

Prem Jain, Vice President & General Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Chander Mittal, President, Founder & CEO, CM Automotive Systems, Inc.

David Mengebier, VP, Gov't and Int'l Affairs, CMS Energy

Brian Corbin, Vice President and Managing Director, CMS Energy Asia PTE Ltd.

Robert Vastine, President, Coalition of Service Industries

Alex VonBehr, President, CocaCola India

Joel Peres, Legal Counsel, CocaCola India

Raj Vattikuti, President & CEO, Complete Business Solutions, Inc.

Sudipta Sen, CEO, Comsat Max

Nitin Kulkarni, Regional Director, South Asia Corning, Inc.

Raj Rama, President CSG, Inc.

Anshuman Mishra, Executive Vice President, Deepak Chopra Center

Deepak Talwar, President and CEO, Deepak Talwar & Associates Inc.

Mukesh "Mike" Patel, President, Diplomat Hotels/ AA.HOA

Vikram Rajadhyaksha, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DLZ Corp.

Hemendra Kothari, Chairman DSP, Merrill Lynch

Davinder Dogra, President & CEO,, Inc.

Pankaj Vyas M.D, Eastern Carolina Medical Center

Ramesh K. Motwane, President & CEO, Eastern Contractors, Inc.

Inderjit Motwane, Chief Financial Officer, Eastern Contractors, Inc.

Edward Hoppe, General Manager, Asia/Pacific Region, Eastman Kodak Co.

Carl F. Kohrt, Assistant COO & Executive Vice President, Eastman Kodak Co.

Joseph Sutton, Vice Chairman, Enron Corporation

Wade Cline, CEO, Enron India Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjay Bhatnagar, CEO, Enron, South Asia

Kashi Memani, Chairman, Ernst & Young India

Manu Sawhne, Managing Director, ESPN Software India Ltd.

Sambhu Banik, President, Family Diagnostic and Theraputic Center

Chandulal K. Patel, Former President and Chairman, Federation of
Indo-American Associations

Sanjay Mundra, President & CEO, First American Hotels, Inc.

Prakesh Shah, Chairman, First Growth Group, Inc.

Sunil Puri, President & CEO, First Rockford Group

Jack Cotton, Regional Vice President, Foster Wheeler Corporation

David F. Wolf, President, Fremont Group

Richard Swando, President and Managing Director, General Motors India, Ltd.

Sri Palasamudram, President,

Paresh A. Shah, CEO, Global Innovations, Inc.

Chacko Verghese, President & CEO, Global Market Resources, Inc.

Niranjan Shah, CEO & Chairman, Globetrotter Engineering Company

Abraham Robinson, President, Health Management Inc.

Pavan Nigam, Co-Founder, Healtheon-Web MD

Ganesh Ayyar, President, Hewlett-Packard India Ltd.

T.V. Krishnamurthy, Managing Director, Huber Chemicals India Private Ltd.

Gopal Basisht M.D., IAAFPE & The Spirit of India

Ashok K. Trivedi, President & Co-Founder, iGate Capital Corporation

Sunil Aghi, Founder/President, Indo-American Political Foundation

Prabhat K. Andleigh, President & CEO, InfoDream Corporation

Lalatendu Mohapatra, President, Infotel International, Inc.

Jay Desai, President, CEO and Founder, Institute of Global Competitiveness,

Suresh L. Malik, Vice President, International Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Walter Barber, Group President, Asia, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

J. Bennett Johnston, President, Johnston and Associates, LLC

Bharat Raut, Constituted Attorney, KPMG Peat Marwick

Jay Kumar Patel, President, Kumar Enterprises, Inc.

Robert Ziegenhagen, Managing Director, Lever Johnson Limited

Dayanand Rachakonda M.D., Lung Institute of Nevada

Dinesh Patel, Chief of Arthroscopic surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

Ramesh Kapur, President, Medical-Technical Gases, Inc.

Gordon Young, Senior Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Rajir Nair, President, Microsoft Corporation

Sanjay Mirchandani, Microsoft Corporation

Gopal Prasad, President, Minerals and Fertilizers Limited

Mody Mukund, M.D.

Haresh Panchal, President, National Federation of Indian American Association

Jaskaran S. Teja, Chief Representative Director, India Nationwide Global

Craig A. Alvey, Associate VP & Director, Business Development Asia
Nationwide Global

Gary G. Benanav, Chairman and CEO, New York Life International, Inc.

Raymond Sander, Vice President, New York Life International, Inc.

Georges Ugeux, Group Executive Vice President, New York Stock Exchange

A.J. Patel, CEO Odyssey Enterprises, Inc/The Indus Entreprenuers

Kent Burton, Senior V.P., Ogden Energy

T. Srinivasan, Sales Director, Oracle

Shekhar Dasgupta, Country Manager, Oracle

Lauren Lenfest, Vice President, Oracle Corp.

Ranjan Chak, Executive Director, Oracle India Development Oracle Corp.

Krishna Srinivasa, President, PCS

Robert A. Lewis, Director International Sales and Services Pratt & Whitney, Division of United Technologies Corporation

Neil Mehta, President and CEO, Premier Medical Corp.

Ashok Chhabra, Director, Legal &Public Affairs, Proctor & Gamble Hygene & Healthcare, Ltd.

Arun Savkur, President, Quantum Leap Systems, Inc.

Mahesh Veerina, CEO/President, Ramp Networks

Viru Raparthi, President and CEO, RBCA Services, Inc.

Dr. Devendra Verma, General Partner, Redwood Venture Partners, III, LLC

Atul Thakrar, Managing Director, Rohm and Haas India Pvt. Ltd.

Ravi Subramanian, Chairman, Silverline Technologies Inc.

Anu Yallapragada, Regional Director, Sinclair Group

Ravi Patel, President &CEO, SREE Hospitality Group

Sudhir Parikh, President, Sudhir Parikh, M.D.

Deepak Bhagat, Director, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Anant Agarawal, Sr. Vice President, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Avinash Agrawal, Director, India Design Center Sun Microsystems, Inc.

AC Gupta, Country Manager, Swagelok Company

Kenny Desai, President, TAK Group

Ashok Mehta, President, TATA, Inc.

Hari Nath, Chief Executive Officer, Technology Planning and Management Corp.

Alan Weinberger, CEO, TechnologyNet, Inc.

Shriramkumar Rajha, President and CEO, Telesis Technologies, Inc.

Suhas Patil, Former President, The Indus Entreprenuers

Kailash Joshi, Charter member, The Indus Entreprenuers

K.B. Chandrasekhar, The Indus Entreprenuers

Kanwa Rekhi, The Indus Entreprenuers

Mark J. Reidy, Partner, Thelen Reid & Preist LLP

Shan K. Thever, President, Senior Partner Thever & Associates

Kanwal Rehki, President TIE

Hasmukh R. Shah, Chairman TV Asia

Polly Holcombe, Director, Asia Pacific Unisys

Sampat Shivangi, President, US Infosystems

Nalluru Murthy, Ventue Capital and Investor

Pradeep Saraogi, Vice President of Marketing, Water Systems International, Ltd.

N. Krishnan, Vice President of India Operations, Water Systems International, Ltd.

Myrna K. Creek, CFO, Water Systems International, Ltd.

Howard J. Siemers, CEO, Water Systems International, Ltd.

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