iPod Psyops

Its hard to be a conspiracy theorist when you keep being proved right.

Scotland's Sunday Herald reveals the United States' future plans to engage in world-wide information warfare using everything from PDAs to cell phones, to the web.

But are they really future plans? Our story on the use of poor-man's iPods to disseminate "information" and "education" to the people of Afghanistan would seem to indicate the plan is quite underway. Says the Herald:

"[P]sychological military operations, known as psyops, will be at the
heart of future military action. Psyops involve using any media - from
newspapers, books and posters to the internet, music, Blackberrys and
personal digital assistants (PDAs) - to put out black propaganda to
assist government and military strategy. Psyops involve the
dissemination of lies and fake stories and releasing information to
wrong-foot the enemy."

Of course, some of the pie-in-the-wi-fi plans do strike us as spooky (and kinda cool, in a dystopian horror-flick sort of way):

Thirdly, the US wants to take control of the Earth's electromagnetic
spectrum, allowing US war planners to dominate mobile phones, PDAs, the
web, radio, TV and other forms of modern communication. That could see
entire countries denied access to telecommunications at the flick of a
switch by America.

That'll teach France.

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