Join the Protest Against McDonalds!

In 1990, McDonald's Corporation sued two members of London Greenpeace
"libeling" the company. Why? They were handing out "What's Wrong
McDonald's? Everything They Don't Want You to Know" leaflets. The
exposed the corporation's disreputable business practices,
including the
exploitation of our children through advertising, its
anti-union agenda, and
its promotion of an unhealthy diet.

McDonald's Corporation hired
expensive, high-powered lawyers to quash
the McLibel 2 in court. David
Morris, a single dad and postman, along
with Helen Steel, a gardener, could
not afford to hire a comparable
lawyer and legal aid was not provided to
citizens in the UK for libel
cases. They were told they had no

Helen and Dave refused to be intimidated. They defended
themselves in
what turned out to be the longest running trial in English
history, and
ended up proving that McDonald's was, in fact, guilty of
children, its own workers, and of false nutritional

Ultimately, they took their case to the European
High Court and this
February, changed the libel laws in the UK forever. In
the aftermath,
the local news stated that the case was considered to be "The
corporate PR disaster in history."

Two everyday people
stood up for what they believed in and changed their
country for the better.
Now their story is coming to America. Cinema
Libre Studio is bringing the
documentary about their decade long battle
to U.S. theaters this summer. The
film, by director Franny Armstrong,
is called McLibel, and we need your help
to tell everyone about it.

On April 15, a national day of protest
will occur across the nation. If
you, like Helen and Dave, are fed up with
false advertising,
exploitation of children, cruelty to animals, damage to
our environment,
and corporate abuse, then please join this effort to get the
word out.

On this day in Chicago, the CEO of McDonald's will
attend the grand
opening of the new restaurant at 600 N. Clark Street. To
help him
celebrate, we invite organizations in Chicago to do two things: Hand
"What's Wrong With McDonald's?" leaflets when the event starts
10:00a.m. and step on a birthday cake in front of the restaurant
"squash" the celebration, just like Dave and Helen will be doing
same day in the UK.. In unity with our fellow Chicagoans, we ask
across the nation to do the same in front of their local McDonald's.
you'd like to have your event recorded, just remember, April 15th is
day, and there's no better place to find news cameras than at your
post office before midnight.

Let's all unite to fight
corporate oppression and tell the nation that
McLibel is

PS. You can download copies of the "What's Wrong With
leaflet at

Send us a brief description and digital picture of your event(s)
so we can
have them posted. Send your pictures and words
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