Keep the Heat on Schwab

Shame on Charles Schwab

While working families across America are
protesting Charles Schwab's support for Social Security privatization,
the investment firm doesn't seem to be listening. Unlike other finance
companies, Schwab has not dropped its membership in lobbying groups
ready to spend millions to privatize Social Security.

Schwab must be ashamed of its position-as it
should be. Company executives are claiming Schwab hasn't taken a
position on privatization. Shame on Schwab for trying to pass off that
nonsense-Schwab belongs to, funds and even takes leadership roles in
several of the business groups pouring money into the fight to
privatize Social Security. According to published reports, Schwab's
chief investment strategist, Liz Ann Sonders, and Charles Schwab, the
CEO himself, have endorsed privatization.

Take action by faxing a Schwab office near you.

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