Nike: Global Compact Violator

CorpWatch Releases Second in a Series of Exposés

Today CorpWatch releases the second in a series of articles written by members of the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN documenting violations of UN Global Compact Principles by the companies that have signed onto the controversial UN Compact.

The second article, written by Tim Connor of NikeWatch in Australia is based on a recently published report by the US-based organization Global Exchange. It finds that Nike has repeatedly failed to uphold the principle of free association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico and elsewhere, therefore violating Principle 3 of the Global Compact.

The article can be found at

The third article will appear on Thursday July 12th.

The first article in the series, by Gabriela Flora of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, discusses the biotechnology company Aventis' violation of Global Compact Principle 7, which calls on companies to "support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges."

Note: CorpWatch is Secretariat for the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN, a global coalition of organizations working to reverse excessive and undue corporate influence at the United Nations while supporting UN efforts to hold corporations accountable. Alliance steering committee members include:

Corporate Europe Observatory (the Netherlands)

Council on International and Public Affairs (U.S.)

Brazilian Institute for Social and Economic Analysis (Brazil)

Focus on the Global South (Thailand)

Institute for Policy Studies (U.S.)

International Baby Food Action Network (Switzerland)

International NGO Committee on Human Rights in Trade and Investment

Tebtebba Foundation, Inc. (the Philippines)

Third World Institute (Uruguay)

Third World Network (Malaysia)

Women's Environment and Development Organization (U.S.)

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