Norsk Hydro: Global Compact Violator

CorpWatch Releases Sixth in a Series of Exposés

Today CorpWatch is releasing the sixth in a series of articles written by members of the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN documenting violations of UN Global Compact Principles by the very companies that have signed onto the controversial UN Compact.

In the sixth article in our series on Global Compact companies, Indian
journalist Nityanand Jayaraman looks at the Oslo-based corporation Norsk
Hydro, a partner in the Utkal bauxite mine and alumina smelter in Orissa
State. He provides evidence that the corporation has violated human
rights Principles 1 and 2 of the UN Compact. Nor has the company
withdrawn plans for a project that would violate Principle 9 which
promotes eco-friendly practices. While the company has put the project
on hold for the moment, officials indicate that violations of these
principles could resume at any time.

The article can be found at

The first three articles in our series discussed violations of specific
Global Compact Principles by Aventis, Nike and Rio Tinto, three endorses of
the Global Compact.

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