Outsourcing Intelligence in Iraq: A CorpWatch Report on L-3/Titan


1. Titan has been paid $2.51 billion for its translation work as of March 27, 2008, according to numbers furnished to CorpWatch by Bob S. Stone, Chief, Public Affairs, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command. In addition L-3 has been paid out the bulk of an intelligence support contract which had a ceiling value of $426.5 million

2. The original translation contract was DASC01-99-D-0001 issued in 1999. The intelligence contract is W912CM-05-D-0011 issued in 2005.

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 Written by Pratap Chatterjee (pratap@corpwatch.org)

Edited by Tonya Hennessey. Thanks also to Charlie Cray, Erik Leaver, Moira Mack, Philip Mattera, Tom Swan.

Cover Art: Sakura Saunders, Layout: Terry Allen

Cover Photo: Prisoners working at Camp Cropper, the main U.S. detention facility in Baghdad. Taken by Specialist Michael May (Task Force 134 - Detainee Operations) on April 3rd, 2008

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