The Silicon Principles

Communities living near and working in electronics factories have a clear definition of a just and sustainable industry. The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, the Campaign for Responsible Technology and the SouthWest Organizing Project have developed principles to guide both communities and corporations toward a just and sustainable high tech industry. These principles state the community's rights:

  • to be safe from harmful exposure,
  • to pollution prevention,
  • to know what chemicals will be used,
  • to participate in decisions that affect them, and
  • to protection and enforcement.

They also outline the responsibility corporations have to communities they operate in, including the responsibility:

  • to create a toxics use reduction program,
  • to develop health and safety education programs,
  • to establish policies requiring equal standards for subcontractors, and
  • to establish corporate standards that are enforced equally domestically and internationally.

High tech corporations must make a commitment to these principles in order to ensure a sustainable community for us all.

Also check out the Community Environmental Bill of Rights developed by the SouthWest Organizing Project.

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