SOUTH AFRICA: Shaik asset seizure in SA court

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BBC News

The South African government has gone to court to seize assets worth over $3m from businessman Schabir Shaik.

The case began in the Durban High Court on Wednesday. Mr Shaik was not present.

He is currently on bail after being convicted in July last year of having a generally corrupt relationship with ex-deputy president Jacob Zuma.

Mr Shaik was found guilty of receiving money from the French arms company, Thomson-CSF, to facilitate a deal worth more than $4bn.

The government is arguing that it should be allowed to seize from Mr Shaik those assests that derived from his business relationship with Mr Zuma.

Evidence aired in the Shaik trial prompted President Thabo Mbeki to dismiss Mr Zuma from his duties as deputy president.

Mr Zuma was subsequently charged with corruption.

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