Stop Oil Development on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast

Please Note: This action has been discontinued.

Thank you for your support!

Here's a great, positive way we can support the campaign to stop oil
development on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. We are VERY CLOSE to
celebrating a victory in this campaign!!

Last Friday, April 12, The Municipal Government of Talamanca (one of the
counties where the Costa Rican government granted concessions to U.S.
companies for oil development) declared Talamanca an "Oil-Free" County. As
far as we know, this is the first government entity anywhere that has
declared its territory "free of oil and gas exploration and exploitation" by
initiating a "moratorium on all activities related to petroleum exploration
and exploitation within the Talamancan territory."

The Talamanca declaration also calls on Costa Rica's Minister of the
Environment to uphold the government's March ruling which found oil
development on the Caribbean to be "ecologically unviable." The US-based
oil companies have appealed the government ruling against oil development.
Now the Minister of Environment has until May 3 to uphold or revoke the
government ruling.

Let's all send faxes to the Municipal Government of Talamanca,
congratulating them on their courageous stand against oil development. They
are the leaders and pioneers in the movement from fossil-fuel dependency
toward a new era of renewable, sustainable energy!

Then send a copy of your fax to the Minister of Environment -- before May 3! This is a great way to reinforce the Ministry's March decision against oil
development, and encourage the Minister to hold firm against the oil
companies' appeal.

Please send a short, positive fax message to:

Consejo Municipal (Municipal Board)

Municipalidad de Talamanca

Bribri Talamanca de Limón

Costa Rica

FAX 506-751-0137 or 506-751 0023

Send a copy of your fax to the Minister of Environment:

Sra. Elizabeth Odio Benito

Vicepresidenta de la Republica

Ministra de Ambiente y Energia

Casa Presidencial

Zapote de San Jose

Costa Rica

FAX 506-222-4161

Thanks for one last show of support for the wonderful coalition of Costa
Rican organizations and communities that are SO CLOSE to celebrating a very
impressive victory for the environment! --Paula Palmer, Global Response

For background information on the anti-oil campaign, see Global Response
Action Alert #2/01 "Stop Oil Development on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast,"

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