Take Action Against Coke

TAKE ACTION NOW! Send the free fax below to the CEO of Coca-Cola and join the growing community resistance in India in demanding that Coca-Cola STOP Destroying Lives, Livelihoods and Communities in India and Internationally.

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Coca-Cola in India is Guilty of:

* Causing Severe Water Shortages for Communities Across India
* Polluting Groundwater and Soil Around its Bottling Facilities
* Distributing its Toxic Waste as "Fertilizer" to Farmers
* Selling Drinks with Extremely High Levels of Pesticides

Communities in India need the critical support of the international community right now to pressure Coca-Cola to do the right thing.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Send the fax to the CEO of Coca-Cola and join the communities in India in holding Coca-Cola accountable!


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