Tell Bayer Not to Sell Lindane Products in U.S.!

The United States is one of the few countries in the world that still permits
agricultural uses of the pesticide lindane. More than 50 countries--including
all of Europe, Canada, and most recently Mexico--have phased out lindane use in
agriculture. Ninety-nine percent of remaining lindane use in the U.S. is for
seed treatment of a handful of grain crops.


Lindane, a dangerous neurotoxic pesticide, persists in the environment and
builds up in our bodies. A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control
found lindane's breakdown product in 62% of people whose blood was sampled in
the United States, with the highest levels in women of childbearing age. Lindane
is also transported on wind and air currents to the Arctic region, where it is
one of the most commonly found chemicals in the environment and a particular
threat to indigenous people in the region.

Bayer CropScience recently acquired the company that distributes lindane
agricultural products in North America. Canada has already banned seed treatment
with lindane, and in early 2005, Bayer announced that it will withdraw
registration of lindane seed treatment products in Mexico. Bayer executives need
to know that the U.S. public wants to join Canada, Mexico and the rest of the
world and stop using this dangerous pesticide!

Act Now: Write to Esmail Zirakparvar, President and CEO of Bayer
CropScience's North American offices, urging him to immediately withdraw
registration of lindane seed treatment products in the U.S.


More information about lindane.

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