Tell President Bush to Stop Efforts to Weaken the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

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The American Lung Association is requesting your assistance in contacting President Bush and urging him to:

-halt efforts to weaken the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

-hold a public hearing for the American people to have their voice heard regarding the development of a global tobacco control treaty.

Negotiations on the world's first international tobacco control treaty -- The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control -- are being held in Geneva, Switzerland, March 18-23, 2002.

This is an excellent opportunity for public health and tobacco control advocates to voice their concerns over the Bush Administration's attempts to weaken the treaty. Please send a fax to President Bush urging him to halt efforts to weaken the treaty and to support a strong treaty that:

-prioritizes public health over trade

-bans advertising, promotion and sponsorship

-bans misleading descriptors such as "light and low"

-bans duty-free cigarettes

-protects people from secondhand smoke

To send a free fax visit the American Lung Association website.

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