USA: A Place at the Table -- Food & Environmental Justice

Guest Edited by Michael Ableman and Andy Fisher

"Food is something many of us take for granted," writes Michael Ableman
opening the urgent discussion on food security and environmental justice in
our special issue of Race, Poverty, & the Environment. RPE is a national journal on social and environmental justice issues published by Urban
Habitat Program and the California Rural Legal Assistance's Center of Race,
Poverty, and the Environment. "Supermarkets are open 24 hours a day,
providing us with the illusion of health and abundance. We do not often
stop to consider where that food came from, whose hands harvested it, how
it was grown, and whether it is safe, equally available to all, and
produced in a manner that does not degrade and destroy resources."

A Place at the Table - Food & Environmental Justice addresses the basic components of life, pure food and water. The issue looks at food access
with articles on black farmers in the South squeezed from their land,
farmworkers poisoned and underpaid for their life-giving work, and low
income communities distanced from safe, nutritious and culturally
appropriate food. Other articles on food safety and sustainability take
issue with corporate control of our food system, the threat to our food
supply through loss of genetic diversity, and on the myths of the "green
revolution" with its high tech, Frankenstein approach to food production.

Over twenty-five authors address land and water, biological diversity,
labor, food security, consumer issues of food safety, corporate
agriculture, and grassroots models for change in A Place at the Table.

Founded in 1990, our journal Race, Poverty, & the Environment has brought the voices and discussions of the environmental justice movement to a
national audience.

Subscription rates for Race, Poverty, & the Environment:

$5.00 per year for low income/fixed income individuals

$15 per year for regular income

$40.00 per year institutions.

RPE can be sent free of charge to grassroots group upon request. Bulk rate orders available.

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