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Sathianath Sarangi, Nityanand Jayaraman, Ananthapadmanabhan,Adarsh Vansay, Shailendra Yeshwant, two reporters from an independent European media and 3 local activists were beaten this morning by the local police at Bhopal .They were then taken taken to the Shajahanabad police station and are being detained there as I write this.
A combination of two widely used agricultural pesticides - but neither one alone - creates in mice the exact pattern of brain damage that doctors see in patients with Parkinson's disease. The research offers the most compelling evidence yet that everyday environmental factors may play a role in the development of the disease.
ADM has moved beyond the days of blatant price-fixing that landed its top execs behind bars. But the company's forays into new global agricultural markets bring charges of complicity in forced child labor and rampant deforestation. Critics assert that the conglomerate's embrace of self- regulation and voluntary guidelines is but a cynical ploy to deter effective reform.
An international conspiracy to poison millions of men, women and teenagers around the world is killing four million people a year. By 2030, it will take 10 million lives annually, 70 percent of them in developing countries. This ''conspiracy'' is run by Big Tobacco: companies like Philip Morris, British American Tobacco and R.J. Reynolds, to name just a few.
The World Wide Fund for Nature (now known as WWF) continues its career as the thinking corporation's greenwasher with a recent initative designed to extend the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) soya across much of Latin America.
This is a list of processed foods that tested positive for genetically engineered ingredients. These tests were not ''safety'' tests; they were only to establish the presence of unlabeled genetically engineered ingredients.