Some Trends in the Education Industry

Corporate Sponsored Public Schools

Corporate Managed Schools

Sponsored Educational Materials

What is it?

Private businesses adopt a local school or schools and pay for facilities or service, often in exchange for say in curricula

Private Management of public schools. Educational management corporations are contrcted by districts to run the schools.

Free "educational" materials provided to schools. Many of the materials have clear consumer messages.


New, not widespread. Met with some trouble.

Mixed results, but growing trend.

Major Growth Industry


Disney "Celebration" and Burger King Academies.

Edison, EAI, Advantage, and others

"Digging for the Data"

Who's behind it?

Corporations (like Disney), free-market ideologues.

Corporations, Charter Schools USA, Center for Education Reform, think tanks, potentially parents

Public Relations firms, Ad Agencies, Publishing, Marketing, potential teachers and Administrators

Impact on communities of color

Academic and career tracking

Ignores specific needs, loss of community jobs, and imposes corporate curricula

Kids are trained as consumers

Corporate Standards



What is it?

Everyone wants standards, but what kind of standards. The economic right and corporations want made-to-order workers.

Public money goes to private schools in the form of a voucher or tax-credit. Also, "private vouchers" are a growing trend.

A broad range of programs, some good, some bad. Usually includes work experience during school and job placement.


related to school-to-work, very timely, winnable?

Small but growing.

Exists in some form almost everywhere.


Business Coalition for Education Reform's "Standards Mean Business" campaign

Milwaukee, Cleveland, HOPE and HELP scholarships.

Donation of FAX machines for resume faxing

Who's behind it?

Clinton, BCER, Empower America, chambers of commerce, Pete Wilson, and others

Bradley Foundation, Children's Educational Opportunities Foundation, Wal-Mart, Texas Public Policy Foundation, and many parents

Business Coalition for Education Reform (BCER)and chambers of commerce

Impact on communities of color

Tracking, stigmatizes students and communities of color

Give individual kids access to exclusive schools. No systemic solution

Tracking in educational opportunities and job choices

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