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Whether Big Tobacco succeeds will depend in significant part on whether tobacco control groups and their many new allies of various stripes refuse to succumb to Big Tobacco's combined intimidation and charm offensive.
Puerto Rican citizen groups are protesting two renewable energy projects: a 30 megawatt solar energy project in Yabucoa by Western Wind Energy corporation from Vancouver and a 75 megawatt windmill array in Santa Isabel by Pattern Energy of San Francisco. The reason: these projects will threaten scarce farm land on the food dependent island.
As corporations consolidate, and the big become the biggest, few have been willing to stand in the path of the economic juggernaut. But then along came some cornhuskers from Nebraska!
Genetically-modified foods face a consumer revolt if biotech corporations, scientists and policy-makers fail to overhaul the way they vet the safety of these novel products, consumer watchdogs said Tuesday.
Earnest shareholder resolutions presented at company annual general meetings on everything from human rights to executive compensation are routinely shot down in flames. But shareholder resolutions may have an effect, even in defeat.
India (and South East Asia) are a huge market for tobacco. Cigarette companies are also targetting youth between 15-25. Two countries where tobacco sales are expected to zoom up are India and Indonesia.
If you think the GM battle is over, think again, says Lucy Siegle. Beware, transgenic crops and Terminator Technology are back.
Biotechnology company Aventis admitted Monday that it had grown genetically modified sugar beet without permission at two trial sites in the United Kingdom.
Bolivia has been rocked by protests against a proposed gas pipeline to be built by Pacific LNG. The consortium is made up of notorious British and Spanish multinationals, including BP and Repsol-YPF.
The next step in the national Say No to Menthol Joe Community Crusade is to apply pressure to the Walgreens Pharmacy chain to get them to stop carrying Camel menthols. Remember we are not going against all Camels in this action because the other versions have loyal followings. We are going against Camel menthols and menthol lights to get a clear victory against Big Tobacco.